New Poster for “The Lachrymist”
Written by Colleen on December 15, 2013

Navi is featured in the new poster for “The Lachrymist”, the short film she is in, and I’ve added it to the gallery.

Navi Rawat dot Com Gallery > Movies > The Lachrymist > Posters

Navi on ‘Justified’ – Screencaps
Written by Colleen on April 03, 2013

Finally had a chance to add in the caps from Navi’s guest spot on Justified a few weeks ago.

Navi Rawat Dot Com Gallery > Television > 4×04 “This Bird Has Flown”

Navi interview with Stark Insider – Video
Written by Colleen on March 06, 2013

Navi Rawat – The Playback Singer from Stark Insider on Vimeo.

New Navi interview about ‘The Playback Singer’
Written by Colleen on March 01, 2013

PMR: How did you come across (and eventually cast) Navi?

SV: I had seen Navi’s work in Numb3rs and The OC. I thought she’d be great for the role. We sent the script to her manager and I went from there.

Navi Rawat: He read it and he really liked it. He sent it to me and said, ‘I think this is something that would interest you.’ I read it and responded immediately. We set up a meeting between Suju and I (and the rest was history).

PMR: Navi, when you read the script, what resonated with you?

NR: This woman who was trying to juggle this struggle in her marriage and trying to make her marriage work, then having her father return into her life after 20 years and grappling with that, (both) really resonated with me.

PMR: Interestingly enough, while you are half-Indian, you do not portray too many Indian characters. What kind of personal experiences do you draw upon when you are portraying an Indian character?

NR: It’s funny, a lot of times when I go out for a role, ‘Oh, she’s not Indian enough,’ is what I get. For this role in particular, I feel like Priya is a character who’s disconnected from her Indian roots. So for this particular character I really didn’t feel as if I had to go and mine that connection.

Read the full interview

Grey’s Anatomy “Walking on a Dream” Screencaps
Written by Colleen on January 25, 2013

I’ve added the screencaps from Navi’s guest role to the gallery.

Navi Rawat Dot Com Gallery > Guest Spots > Grey’s Anatomy “Walking on a Dream”

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